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The Life And Tragic Death Of Michael Landon

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Iconic actor Michael Landon was a star, popular for his roles on Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, and Highway to Heaven. However, there was a lot more to his life than most people knew. This is the life and tragic death of Michael Landon.

Michael Landon was born Eugene Maurice Orowitz to Jewish and Catholic parents in 1936. His dad struggled as a movie publicist, while his mom was an actress who harbored thoughts of killing herself. Landon's parents constantly fought with each other. Crumbling under the pressure, Landon used to wet his bed, and his mom would humiliate him by hanging the bedsheet to dry outside.

In her book, I Promised My Dad, Landon's daughter, Cheryl, wrote that her father's difficult childhood experiences made him decide early on that he would never follow in his parents' footsteps. According to Cheryl, the young Landon vowed to live his life differently as an adult.

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Difficult childhood | 0:00
A tough beginning | 1:07
Excelled in sports | 2:19
An accidental actor | 3:27
His first break | 4:28
Bonanza made him famous | 4:58
Shaken by his father's death | 5:49
Criticism for his perfectionism | 6:44
A rocky family life | 7:32
Falling out with Melissa Gilbert | 8:39
Battling cancer | 9:56
His death left fans devastated | 11:04

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