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Hey, 7-Second Riddles Horror Edition is finally back! I wasn't sure I would continue making horror stories, so I paused for a while, but I kept getting your stories so I decided to continue!

I just need a bit more support from you guys, let me know in the comments that you want to see more scary stories on my channel! If animated horror stories are something you want to see, make sure you always let me know about that (by leaving a comment or simple giving this video a like!). It takes a lot of time to make one horror story, so I would appreciate your support.

This scary story got me frozen and made me rethink my view of art completely! IF you're not too scared of horror stories, then hit the Play button and let me know in the comments what you think about this scary story!

Hi, everyone. Mi name is Luke. Painting has been an immense passion for me since I was a little kid and I’d always wanted to become a painter, but not anymore. I’d like to share this story that changed my life in a way that I never could’ve imagined.

My father owns a little art gallery in the town that we live in. He taught me to love Renaissance painters at a very young age and also to admire modern artists, whose work he exhibits and sells. One day, as my dad was doing the inventory in his gallery, he discovered a painting that he had not seen before. When he checked it, he saw that it was on his list under the titleThe Little Prank, but the name of the author was missing. So, he hung the mysterious painting among the other works, hoping that the artist would reveal himself.

A few days later, mom, my little brother Johnny, and I arrived at the gallery to pick up my dad because we had planned to have dinner together at a restaurant. He was with clients, so we wandered around the place while he finished. Johnny is 6 and he never seemed interested in any of the works of art that my dad was selling, that´s why I got a bit surprised when I saw him standing in front of a painting of a little boy, around my brother’s age, but a little overweight. He had short curly hair and was dressed in something that seemed to be a long robe, in the Roman style. The boy was holding his hands behind his back and had this weird smile on his face. I checked the title of the painting and it was The Little Prank, so one might think it was just a mischievous kid who was up to no good, but there was a look in his eyes that I did not like. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was a little bit… evil.

When my dad finally came to say he was ready to leave, Johnny, who had been standing silently by my side the whole time that I was looking at the painting, looked at him and said: “Dad, can I have this painting?” Dad laughed, amused, and said no. As time passed, Johnny took every opportunity to beg our dad to give him the painting. My parents were surprised about his sudden interest in art, but after several days of begging, they agreed and hung the painting in Johnny´s room.

As days passed, I started to notice that Johnny was changing. He used to follow me everywhere and ask me to play video games and football. But now, he barely came out of his room, and spent a lot of time with the door closed. Whenever I passed by his door, I could hear him talking and laughing; and when I asked who he was talking to, he would say he was with his friend Nero. I asked who Nero was and he pointed at the kid in the painting.

My parents did not pay very much attention to his behavior, since Johnny had always been a kid with a very rich imagination, but I felt like there was something wrong and decided to observe my little brother a little bit closer. The next day, as I arrived home from school, I saw him.....

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