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Wow! Huh? Yikes! English Interjections: How to use Interjections to Improve English Conversations!

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Oops! Ouch! Whoa! Eh? Phew! So? Yuck! Interjections are used all the time when speaking English, so if you want to improve your English fluency and communication skills, you must learn and use interjections in your English speaking! In today’s English speaking lesson you will learn more than 25 useful interjections to improve your English conversations!

What is an interjection and how are interjections used?: An interjection is a short word in English that speakers use to express feelings. Injections can be used alone or a part of a sentence to show strong emotions in English conversations. Interjections don’t have an exact meaning, but are short expressions to convey emotions to listeners. Usually an interjection is used at the beginning of a sentence, but it's possible to use only an interjection by itself to show your feelings.

These common interjections in English are excellent English expressions for sounding more fluent when speaking English. Use these interjections to get people to say, “Wow! Your English is excellent!”:
1) Wow!
2) Woo-hoo! / Hooray! / Yay!
3) Nice! / Good! / Great! / Awesome! / Terrific! / Wicked! / Bravo! / Marvellous! / Fantastic!
4) Huh? / What? / Eh?
5) Ow! / Ouch!
6) Oh, no! / Uh-oh!
7) Shoot! / Oops! / D’oh!
8) Seriously? / Really? / Get out!
9) Hmm…
10) Pe-ew!
11) Eww! / Yuck!
12) Yum! / Mmm! / Delicious!
13) Meh.
14) Whoa!
15) Yikes!
16) Aww!
17) Brrr!
18) Oh well.
19) Phew!
20) Hallelujah!
21) Ooh La La!
22) Ahh!
23) Duh!
24) So? / So what? / And? / Whoop de-do!
25) Eh?

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have learned more than 25 common interjections that you can use to sound like a native English speaker. This lesson will help you improve your English speaking and English fluency. Thank you for watching, “Wow! Huh? Yikes! English Interjections: How to use Interjections to Improve English Conversations!” I hope these interjections will be useful for you as you improve your English speaking and express your feelings in English. Using the interjections from today’s lesson is how to improve English Speaking! Good luck with your English studies!


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今日の英語の授業の終わりまでに、ネイティブの英語話者のように聞こえるために使用できる25以上の一般的な感嘆詞を学びました。この授業は、英語を話すことと英語の流暢さを向上させるのに役立ちます。Wow! Huh? Yikes! English Interjections: How to use Interjections to Improve English Conversations!の動画をご覧いただきありがとうございます。

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