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25 Advanced Phrases For English Conversations I English with LinguaTrip

11.11 Single Day
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0:00 25 advanced phrases
0:38 to catch up with someone on something
0:59 to be out of touch
1:17 to touch base
1:48 to go off topic
2:04 to get back on track
2:34 to be in the loop
2:38 to be out of the loop
3:36 to bring something up
3:54 to jump in
4:10 to hold that thought
4:38 to get something across
4:57 to get something through
5:29 to talk somebody around
5:49 on second thoughts
6:14 to talk something over
6:38 to back something up
6:55 off the top of my head
7:10 at the end of the day
7:26 to get your head/mind around something
7:42 to let on
7:52 to blurt something out
8:00 to dry up
8:11 to be shut down
8:22 to be sick of something / someone
8:35 to freeze

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