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Tragic Details About Billy Bob Thornton

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Today, Billy Bob Thornton is a well respected, award winning actor, writer, and director. After first receiving acclaim for his work on 1996’s Sling Blade, Thornton went on to several other critically celebrated films, including 1998’s A Simple Plan and 2001’s Monster’s Ball. His work isn’t limited to the big screen, either — in 2014, he was nominated for an Emmy for his role on FX’s Fargo.

But life hasn’t all been career success and admiration for Thornton. He suffered through loss, poverty, addiction, and more before getting to where he is now. Here are the most tragic details about Billy Bob Thornton.

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His family was poor | 0:00
Struggling with dyslexia | 1:09
His abusive childhood | 2:05
Struggles getting an acting gig | 2:58
Many unsuccessful marriages | 4:09
Split with Angelina Jolie | 5:29
Several health issues | 6:24
His smoking addiction | 7:14
Losing his brother | 8:00
His daughter’s conviction | 8:59
Losing best friends | 9:51

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