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KICK: Kick Phrasal Verbs! 10 Phrasal Verbs with Kick to Improve English Fluency!

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Are you ready to KICK OFF this English lesson? KICK BACK and enjoy learning useful phrasal verbs with Kick!

Phrasal verbs are used all the time, and are a great way to improve your English! The phrasal verbs using kick in today’s English lesson are guaranteed to help you increase your English communication skills and speak English fluently!

What is a phrasal verb?: A phrasal verb is a verb (an action word) and a preposition (in, on, at, from, etc..) that come together to create a new unique phrase in English. Remember that some phrasal verbs have multiple different meanings. The phrasal verbs in today’s lesson are all commonly used when speaking English in daily life.

Understanding these daily English expressions that are used by native speakers is essential! The 10 Kick Phrasal Verbs included in this English lesson with example sentences are:
1. Kick back
2. Kick off (start)
3. Kick off (die)
4. Kick off (be removed)
5. Kick out
6. Kick in (break)
7. Kick in (take effect)
8. Kick in (contribute)
9. Kick around (+ item)
10. Kick around (+ person)

Some useful time stamps to help you learn English phrasal verbs with kick:
0:00 Kick Phrasal Verbs introduction
0:17 What is a Phrasal Verb
0:53 Kick Back
1:14 Kick Off
3:08 Kick Out
3:33 Kick Off vs Kick Out
3:50 Kick In
4:52 Kick Around
6:25 Kick Phrasal Verb Conclusion and Question of the Day

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have learned 10 phrasal verbs using the verb kick that will help you to sound like a native English speaker. This lesson will to help you improve your English vocabulary and teach you useful phrasal verbs to talk about daily life. Thank you for watching, “Kick Phrasal Verbs! 10 Phrasal Verbs with Kick to Improve English Fluency!” I hope these English phrasal verbs will be useful for you as you improve your English. Good luck with your English studies!

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