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Oh Yeah! Positive Phrasal Verbs: 10 Phrasal Verbs for Positive Situations!

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Are you looking forward to improving your English fluency? Your hard work will pay off and things will look up! Cheer up because it’s time to pump yourself up and learn positive phrasal verbs! In today’s English lesson you will learn how to talk about happy things in English by learning common phrasal verbs connected to positive situations. These positive phrasal verbs will help you to improve your English fluency and talk about good situations in English.

Phrasal verbs are used all the time, and are a great way to improve your English! The positive phrasal verbs in today’s English lesson are guaranteed to help you increase your English communication skills and speak English fluently!

Grammar Tip: What is a Phrasal Verb? Remember that a phrasal verb is a verb (an action word) plus a preposition (in, on, at, from, etc..) that come together to create a new unique phrase in English. The happy phrasal verbs in today’s lesson are all commonly used to discuss positive situations in English.

Understanding these positive English expressions that are used by native speakers is essential! The optimistic phrasal verbs included in this English lesson with example sentences are:
1. Pump up
2. Look forward to
3. Light up
4. Calm down
5. Cheer up
6. Look up
7. Get over
8. Pay off
9. Crack up
10. Goof off / Goof around
Bonus: Hang out

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have learned more than 10 positive phrasal verbs and lots of vocabulary for sounding positive like a native English speaker. This lesson will to help you improve your English vocabulary and teach you useful phrasal verbs to talk about positive things. Thank you for watching, “Oh Yeah! Positive Phrasal Verbs: 10 Phrasal Verbs for Positive Situations!” I hope these English phrasal verbs will be useful for you as you improve your English positively. Good luck with your English studies!

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