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How to Remember Phrasal Verbs Easily! Phrasal Verb Tricks and Tips: Best way to Learn Phrasal Verbs!

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Did you know that there are over 10,000 phrasal verbs in English?!? Luckily, this lesson will teach you useful tips to help you remember phrasal verbs more easily, without needing to memorize them. Phrasal verbs are used all the time, and are a great way to improve your English! Phrasal verbs can be challenging to learn, but this lesson will provide you with useful tips to make learning phrasal verbs easier. These phrasal verbs tricks and tips in today’s English lesson are guaranteed to help you understand phrasal verbs easier and increase your English fluency!

Grammar Tip: Remember that a phrasal verb is a verb (an action word) plus a preposition (in, on, at, from, up, etc..) that come together to create a new unique phrase in English. As this lesson advises you about how to remember phrasal verbs, you will also learn seven examples of common phrasal verbs in English.

Understanding and learning phrasal verbs is essential! In addition to the valuable phrasal verb tips in this English lesson, you will learn about the four main groups of phrasal verbs. By examining the four categories of phrasal verbs, it will become easier for you to learn many phrasal verbs without wasting time memorizing them. The four groups of phrasal verbs taught in this lesson are :

1. In many phrasal verbs the verb keeps its meaning and the preposition emphasizes the direction: put on, take off, lay down, stand up, etc.

2. In some phrasal verbs with the prepositions up, off, out, and down, the verb keeps its meaning and the preposition shows that the action is completely finished: eat up, fill up, pay off, find out, etc

3. In some phrasal verbs with the prepositions on or away, the verb keeps its meaning and the preposition shows that the action is continuing / ongoing: play on, go on, bang away, fade away.

4. Some phrasal verbs are idiomatic phrasal verbs that aren’t easy to guess the meaning of. It’s helpful to become familiar with the idiomatic phrasal verbs that are used the most often: hang out, give up, hold on, etc,

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have discovered how to learn phrasal verbs easily to improve your English fluency. In addition to examining 4 categories of phrasal verbs to make understanding phrasal verbs easier, this lesson will also help you improve your knowledge of phrasal verbs and teach you useful phrasal verbs tricks and tips. Thank you for watching, “How to Remember Phrasal Verbs Easily! Phrasal Verb Tricks and Tips: Best way to Learn Phrasal Verbs!” I hope these English phrasal verbs tricks will be useful for you as you improve your English and remember phrasal verbs easily. Good luck with your English studies!

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