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14 Cool Riddles That'll Sharpen Your Logic

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Are you ready to sharpen your logic?

This set of cool riddles and picture puzzles will sharpen your logic and test your vision to the absolute max! Right after finishing it, you will feel like your brain had a nice workout. This amazing feeling will give you tons of energy to create and do something great in your life! Let's start our way toward the sharpened logic and great achievements:

00:14 - Who is cheating? Easy riddles to warm you up for the main brain workout. If you have an average IQ you will find all the cheaters in this set or cool riddles.
01:40 - A crime riddle for true detectives to test your logic and boost your brain.
02:58 - Fun color blind test to test your vision! Surprisingly, every third person fails this test! All you need to do is to look at the screen and tell me what you see here :) If you can't, you're colorblinded!
04:34 - Oh, these accounting frauds... You got that something was wrong the first moment you saw the crime scene (because you're an ingenious detective). Please help us crack this tough crime riddle before the time is over, or they will take us off the case. Your brilliant logic and cold mind is our only hope!
06:25 - A good teacher can't ever be tricked by students and can crack any fake excuse they come up with! Let's check if you're easy to deceive with this hard but fun riddle
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