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Here is a huge portion of cool riddles that will break your logic! If you need a quick boost of energy, try to exercise your brain with these tricky brain games. Try to solve at least half of them right to increase your intelligence and critical thinking. And, of course, you're welcome to share your answers and thoughts on these brain games in the comments below ;)

00:14 - Who is the thief? Check this brain teaser out if you want to increase your attentiveness and test your vision ;)
01:18 - Which emoji is fake? Test your memory and attentiveness with these fun picture puzzles for kids and adults!
03:11 - Who is the thief? Who stole the wallet? Test your logic and attentiveness with this puzzle!
04:16 - True or false? Is he lying? Boost your intelligence and IQ with this logic brain teaser!
05:17 - Who has a girlfriend? If you like solving visual puzzles and want to test your attentiveness, these fun brain games are right for you :)
07:31 - This tricky riddle will scratch your brain and will make you feel that there's something strange going on in the world of art! Or maybe the world of art is too high for us, ordinary people? Easy riddles to warm-up your brain and EYES for the main brain workout!
08:43 - A logic riddle to test your critical thinking and boost your detective skills! What questions should he ask to find out who robbed the bank?
10:00 - A tricky brain teaser to test your intelligence and boost your IQ level! Check it out and try to solve it right on time!
11:06 - We will guess your age ;) Try out this fun math riddle and share in the comments if at the end you got your age!
12:55 - A brain-boosting puzzle to test your logic and improve your thinking! Share your own answer in the comments ;)

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the hardest for you to solve!

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