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These tricky riddles and answers will challenge your logic to the absolute max:

00:14 - Hard riddle with answer.
This hard riddle with answer is for geniuses only! You have to involve all your common sense and logic to figure out who among these nice people is the killer. So what will you start with? A good riddle to exercise your brain and sharpen your logic.
01:46 - Logic riddle.
Sometimes one simple question may save your life, especially when you're in the forest alone with a suspicious stranger. You have to be a real quick-thinker and smart enough to come up with this only possible question in a short time (then you might probably been eaten). So, go pull yourself together and turn your brain full power on, your time is starting now! A tough riddle with answer to boost your brain and logic skills!
03:36 - Tricky riddle.
This tricky riddle will make you brain strain and boil! At first glance, it's so illogical to him, but if you think hard, you will find the sense in his decision. I believe you're wise and smart enough to find the right answer! Tell me your ideas in the comments!
04:57 - Crime riddle.
Oh, Sherlock, drop everything and rush to the crime scene, we've got a real mess here! This tough crime riddle is only for brilliant minds and we can't do without you today. Can you collect all the evidences and examine them carefully to reveal who the killer is? We rely on you!
06:37 - Tricky short riddle.
This tricky short riddle will blow your mind away and make you sweat hard. Just one chance which the life of a person depends on. What should he say to save his life? Only a genius will crack this hardcore riddle with answer!
07:41 - Hard riddle with answer.
This hard riddle with answer will smash your brain into pieces unless you have an above average IQ! So many people fail to crack this logic riddle and most of those people are adults. Surprisingly, kids manage to crack this hard riddle better and faster than adults! It's time to see whether you are a kid at heart or an old soul!
08:51 - Logic puzzle to boost your brain power.
Hey, Detective, I hope you're ready for a new case as we need your help badly! You will need all your brain power to crack this tough crime riddle and expose the thief. All suspects have perfect alibis, but there still should be something the police missed. We need you now!
10:51 - Cool riddle.
Hey friend, this is another cool riddle for you to crack! You have only one chance to find the right door leading to happiness, so you have to think really hard! At first glance, it's almost impossible to guess. But if you use your logic and thinking skills, you will quickly find the right way. Anyway, you can always give it up and wait for the answer unlike the poor prisoner
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