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00:00 - These emoji puzzles will warm up your brain! Epic party or epic fail... Or both... Alan, Matt and Zach set out to crush some karaoke. They chose this one place in a hotel basement...
Alan: “I love to travel!”
Matt: “Me too! You’ll never guess where I went last summer!”
Zach: “Have you seen the Tower of Pisa? Cool! Try to guess where I was!”

02:18 - Test your critical thinking!
Zach: “Hey! What...what was that?”
Matt: “Let’s check upstairs.”
Alan: “Anyone out there?”
Matt: “Ho-Lee Ship-sails! Avalanche! The hotel’s covered in snow!”
Zach: “No power, no data, no bars...I feel like a grandpa right now!”
Alan: “The door’s locked. Let’s find another way out.”
Matt: “Yo, check this out guys, snowshoes, a rope, an ax, a crowbar...
Can we use any of this stuff?”

03:10 - Boost your IQ! Window exit! The shoes’ll stop us from sinking.”
Matt: “Yeah great! But there’s only one pair...who’s going 1st?”
Zach: “Guys, look! What does it say?”

03:46 - Test your ability to think outside the box! Alan: “I’ll go down and find it anyway. You guys look for the helicopter manual or whatever.”
A hangar! The helicopter’s gotta be inside. And Alan’s got the key! No go! The karaoke clan are stuck. Alan has a lighter, a hammer, a nail, a key and a hand saw. How can he open the lock?

04:34 - This brain teaser will make you think hard!
Alan: “Whoa! It’s so cool down here!”
Voice from a walkie-talkie: “Attention! Attention! Storm warning! Increased danger of avalanche! I repeat...”
Alan: “What? Another avalanche? We gotta get out of here!”
Voice from the walkie-talkie: “Can you hear me? Help!”
Alan: “Yes! I’m here...over.”
Man: “I’m up in the mountains. I went for a hike...suddenly I was all alone, everyone turned back ages ago!”
Alan: “You gotta rush back! There’s gonna be another avalanche!”
Man: “No time! I can hide behind a small tree, hide behind a rock, lie in the snow or run. What should I do?”

05:29 - This tricky puzzle will test your logic!
Meanwhile, Zach and Matt were scoping out the hotel.
Zack: “So...where do you normally find a helicopter manual?”
Matt: “Manager’s office, come on!”
They found a large safe.
Matt: “Weird code! No numbers... What should we press?”

06:17 - Speed up your thinking! Bingo! The safe is open! Matt was right! The manual! OK! 3 kids are gonna try and fly a helicopter...
Zach: “Hurry up!”
Alan, Matt and Zach flew out of the hotel. But their adventure wasn’t over just yet.
Matt: “There’s someone down there!”
Alan: “They’re in danger! Let’s help...But we only have one more seat.”
Zach: “Who needs help the most?”

07:09 - The last puzzle will boost your brain to the max!
Alan: “We’re alive!... It’s over! Worst. Party. Ever.”
Girl: “What are you talking about! Look how my party ended! And this is me the next day!”
Alan: “WHAT? How did you survive?”

Ever have a party turn out so wrong? Like, “fly a helicopter” wrong! SHARE in the COMMENTS!

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