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Which Year Should You Have Been Born In?

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Which decade would you most like to live in? Some people don't find our modern life exciting at all. They say it's ruining romance because people have run out of time for it... Maybe you're one of them? Do you find Marilyn Monroe’s films more captivating than Emma Stone’s? Or do you dream of dancing in underground speak-easies instead of loud overcrowded clubs? Perhaps you were meant to live in another decade! Take this fun quiz to find out!
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- If you picked mostly As, you’re meant to live in the 1970s. You’re all about living your life with feeling. In this decade, it was very popular to get in touch with your emotions and do whatever you want to do. Whether you’re writing a song on your guitar or getting lost in conversation with your neighbor, you’re in touch with your feelings and love having a good time.
- If you picked mostly Bs, you’re meant to live in the 1950s. You’re very organized and crave order - everything has its place, including yourself. You like following strict rules in society and don’t want to stand out in a crowd. Tradition makes you feel comfortable, which is why you love nothing more than to spend time at home with your family.
- If you picked mostly Cs, you’re meant to live in the 1960s. You like to keep things groovy, baby! This is especially true when it comes to fashion. You love expressing yourself with different colors and cuts. You’re also a very social person and love getting lost in conversation with those around you - even if you barely know them! You’re a fairly hopeful person and are open to learning more about the world.
- If you picked mostly Ds, you’re meant to live in the 1980s. To say you live a colorful life is an understatement. You love experiencing new things and having fun! Whether you’re rocking out at a metal concert or shopping at the biggest mall in town, you live life to the fullest. Sure, you love experiencing everything and spending your days out and about, but don’t forget to chill at home every once in a while.
- If you picked mostly Es, you’re meant to live in the 1920s. You work hard and play even harder! You know the value of hard work, which is why when you’re able to let loose, you never hold back because you deserve it! You like to be surrounded by beautiful things, like intricate artwork, and you make sure you always feel chic and on-trend. That explains why you love rocking cool haircuts and interesting outfits.
- If you picked mostly Fs, you’re meant to live in the 1990s. For you, one of the most important things in life is to be entertained. Whether it’s your favorite sitcom, action movie, or video games, you love nothing more than to sit back and enjoy what’s in front of you. While many of your favorite activities consist of sitting on the couch, it’s important that you find some time to go outside and get some fresh air.
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