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Boost your intelligence with a set of fun detective riddles for adults! If you struggle with most of these riddles, you should try to add more brain exercises (like reading or solving riddles) into your daily life. These tricky puzzles and brain games are perfect for improving your logical skills and ability to do tasks faster. So if you are ready, push the 'Play' button!

00:22 - Warm up your brain with this tricky riddle! This morning was not a lucky one for the detective. It started raining when he got out of the house. On his way to the office, Detective Smith got a call. There happened an incident. A TV-set fell on one of the cars parked near the apartment building. It crashed the car. Smith interviewed those who were in the house. There were 3 people. Detective Smith realized who is lying. Who?

01:58 - Another logic riddle to speed up your brain! Smith came to the office. He is having breakfast at last... oops... The detective got a call again. An incident happened at a fast food place. A man got poisoned with a burger. The detective went to the place and interrogated everyone. What happened there?

03:29 - Here is another tricky puzzle to increase your IQ! At dinner time the detective got a call from the criminals who robbed the bank. They told him where to find the bank manager they kidnapped. The detective went to that place. He found the manager in the cellar of the old house. The manager: They kidnapped me to find out the code from the safe. They gave me no food or water. Yesterday they just gave me a piece of that banana which is on the table. That’s all. They threatened me. I didn’t have a choice and I told them the code. Detective Smith didn’t believe him. Why?

04:53 - It's time to test your detective skills! The detective is back at the office. Mmm... Nice soup! But! This time it is a call from the hotel. One of the guests was found unconscious in his room. The detective arrived at the hotel. He looked at the surveillance cameras in the hotel corridor. Only three people came up to the door of the victim’s room. The detective interrogated all three. Detective Smith arrested one of them. Whom?

06:29 - Boost your brain with this logic puzzle! On his way to the office, Detective Smith got another call. It was a call from Mrs. Sean. The body of Mr. Sean with a knife in his chest was found in a cellar. What a day! The cellar had no windows. The door to the cellar was closed. Only three people had the keys: Mrs. Sean, the governess, and the chef. The detective interrogated them all. Whom did the detective suspect?

07:57 - Increase your logical skills with this riddle! That’s a tough day! And the detective is tired and hungry. Oh, no! Someone is calling again! A man says something bad happened in a cafe.
The detective went to the cafe and interrogated the witness.
The detective: Was it you who called?
The witness: Yes, it was me. I came for dinner. You know they cook really well here. I know the owner and his wife. They both work here. So I sat at a table. Suddenly I saw that a door to the kitchen is open. Then I came into the kitchen and saw them both lying on the floor unconscious. So I called you immediately.
The detective: I don’t believe you.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the hardest for you to solve!

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