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Marriage Proposal Fails || Fun Riddles

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Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: https://goo.gl/BZSTVh and test your IQ! Improve your attention and train your logic with these picture riddles and hard brain games with answers! Some of these puzzles are super easy to crack but some will make you think for a while ;) So, get ready to spend a lot of time solving these brain games. But the result is worth it! You will boost your logical skills and exercise your brain.

00:00 - Test your attentiveness! Gonna be epic! I’ve worked out all the details! Oh no! Wrong window! Wrong girl! Which one’s my crush?

00:53 - Boost your logic! I waited for her to calm down a bit. Then I invited her to the fancy restaurant. So can you guess, where did I hide the ring?

01:47 - Think fast to solve this problem! She was still mad at me! One day, Lily was coming home from work. Robbers! What should she do?

03:25 - Boost your IQ! Lily’s so smart. I gave her a riddle to tell her where to meet me. Where’s our date?

03:52 - Another tricky puzzle! Done! One romantic date, coming up! Everything’s gotta be perfect... What? Insects! Which one’s gonna wreck my plan?

04:53 - Test your critical thinking! Hold on! I’m not giving up. I bought a huge ad, Lily’s gonna walk past it every day! What can possibly go wrong?

05:44 - Test your vision! Then there’s this one...don’t try it, trust me. We were searching all night! Can you spot the cat?

06:44 - Think fast to solve this brainy puzzle! Titanic is Lily’s fav movie. She’ll definitely say yes if I do this...right? Hm, what’s the danger?

07:28 - This question will tricky your mind! Are you still waiting for a happy ending? Well...here it is! How do you think the story ends?

How do you feel about a girl proposing to a guy? SHARE your OPINION in the COMMENTS!

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