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Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles https://goo.gl/BZSTVh and workout your brain with awesome portion of riddles! These brain games will force your brain to work! Try to give the right answers to these riddles as fast as possible. If you can't concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve tricky riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and after a few weeks you will notice changes in your critical thinking and logical skills!

00:00 - Wake up your logic! Kate wants Chris to fall in love with her. New shoes and a new blazer! Perfect! Not quite... Well... at least Kate’s got a cute blouse. ..ummm... Kate hasn’t got any other shoes. She’s gotta find that missing heel! Where is it?

00:40 - This short puzzle will test your ability to think outside the box! Kate limped to the storeroom. What can she use?

01:04 - Test your IQ! Kate saw Chris in the library. He was alone, perfect. Chris was solving a logic riddle. What should the next picture be?

01:43 - Test your logical thinking! Kate and Chris started to chat. Chris invited Kate for milkshakes. Kate said no. Don’t wanna make it too easy for him!
Chris: “Ok, let’s do it tomorrow:)”
Kate rushed home, time to get that gum off. What should she use?

02:42 - Another brain teaser to speed up your logic! The next day Kate woke up in a great mood. Her big date’s today! This time it’s gonna be perfect! A perfect disaster! Pimple alert! Kate can’t go to school looking like this! She’ll have to stay at home. Kate called her friend Miranda to tell her she’s sick. A thermometer, hot tea, and a handkerchief! The perfect disguise!
Kate: “Hey girl, not coming in today. I have a raging fever.”
Miranda: “You’re a terrible liar...Tell me what really happened!”
How did Miranda know?

03:35 - Test your vision!
Kate: "Look at this gross pimple! I can’t let Chris see me like this. He asked me out!
Miranda: "That sucks, but...did you hear? 2 new girls just joined our class...twins! They’re so cute, Chris told me. Can you spot them?

04:02 - This fun puzzle will trick your mind!
Kate: “Chris thinks they’re cute?! Panic attack!” Kate called Miranda later to get the gossip.
Kate: “So?”
Miranda: “I heard Chris bought some girl a milkshake.”
Kate: “What?! Stupid pimple! Show me the schoolyard. Aha! I know it is.”
Who is it?

04:36 - This hard puzzle will increase your IQ! Time for action! Kate ran to school! In her home clothes...with messy hair??? She ran into Chris, awesome!
Kate: “Hey! Are we still on for later?”
Chris: “Err... raincheck?”
Miranda: “Forget Chris, Tom asked me to give you this.”
Tom...that super shy guy? Hmm...what a weird note!
What does it say?

05:18 - The last riddle will boost your brain to the max! Miranda: “See, you’ve got options!”
Kate: “Not for long. Everyone saw me like this, I look like hot trash!”
Miranda: "Nobody’s gonna remember. Look! A fight! See, everyone already forgot about you!
Kate and Miranda ran over. Who’s in the fight?

What should she do to make Chris like her again? Or should she get to know Tom? What would you do? SHARE your ANSWERS in the COMMENTS!

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