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Learn all 4 types of English Conditional Sentences: Advanced English Grammar Lesson!

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If you watch this lesson, you will improve your English grammar! Today’s English lesson will explore how to use all types of CONDITIONAL sentences in English with examples. There are 4 kinds of conditional sentences in English: Zero conditional, First conditional, Second conditional, and Third conditional. In this lesson, you will learn the basic structure of how to make conditional sentences and meaning of all four conditional sentences in English!

* Zero Conditional:

Used for facts, things that are generally true. If A happens, B happens.

If + simple present sentence (subject + verb + object) + , + Simple present sentence (subject + verb + object.)

If water freezes, it becomes ice.I
f it’s hot, ice cream melts.
If you mix red and blue, you create purple.

*First Conditional:

Used for predictions / possible future actions. If A happens, B will happen.

If + Simple present sentence (subject + verb + object) + , + Subject + Will / won’t + Base verb + Object.

If you study grammar, you will improve your English.
If she doesn’t get a promotion, she will look for a new job.
If it rains, we won’t have a picnic.

*Second Conditional:

Used for hypothetical / imagined situations in the present or future. If A happened, B would happen.

If + Simple past sentence (subject + Past verb + object) + , + Subject + Would / would not + Base verb + Object.

If I won the lottery, I would travel around the world.
If she exercised, she would lose weight.
If he weren’t sick, he would go to the party.
(Remember that the second conditional is in the subjunctive mood, so in the if clause, was will always change to were.)
If I were a bird, I would fly.

*Third Conditional:

Used for past hypothetical / past imagined situations. If A had happened, B would have happened.

If + Past perfect sentence (subject +had + past participle + object) + , + Subject + Would + Have + Past participle + Object.

If he had studied, he would have passed the test.I
f I had used sunscreen, I wouldn’t have gotten a sunburn.I
f COVID19 hadn’t become such a huge pandemic, I would have travelled to Europe.

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have learned about all four types of conditional sentences in English and improved your English fluency. This lesson will to help you improve your English grammar and English communication skills. Thank you for watching, “Learn all 4 types of English Conditional Sentences: Advanced English Grammar Lesson!” I hope these English conditionals will be useful for you as you improve your English. Good luck with your English studies!

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