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Grammatical Errors: 120 Common Grammar Mistakes in English And How to Avoid Them | Grammar Check

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Grammar Check! 170+ Common Grammatical Errors: https://7esl.com/grammar-mistakes/
Learn Useful List of Common Grammar Mistakes You Might Be Making – And How to Correct Them.
Part I - https://youtu.be/cx4sxN01qKA

Incorrect: I have read the Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Correct: I have read Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Incorrect: You cannot set a foot in this house.

Correct: You cannot set foot in this house.

Incorrect: It’s not good to go to the bed late.

Correct: It’s not good to go to bed late.

Incorrect: He is Daniel in judgment.

Correct: He is a Daniel in judgment.

Incorrect: It was tough decision to make.

Correct: It was a tough decision to make.

Incorrect: A little spark kindles great fire.

Correct: A little spark kindles a great fire.

Incorrect: The clock has struck seven hours.

Correct: The clock has struck seven.

Incorrect: There is no place in the hall.

Correct: There is no room in the hall.

Incorrect: We came by the 4:30 o’clock train.

Correct: We came by the 4:30 train.

Incorrect: He left with his belonging luggage.

Correct: He left with his luggage.

Incorrect: I gladly avail of your offer.

Correct: I gladly avail myself of your offer.

Incorrect: This option is preferable than any other.

Correct: This option is preferable to any other.

Incorrect: Women commit less crimes than men.

Correct: Women commit fewer crimes than men.

Incorrect: I want a little quantity of milk.

Correct: I want a small quantity of milk.

Incorrect: Give a literally translation of the passage.

Correct: Give a literal translation of the passage.

Incorrect: Life is long if you know how use it.

Correct: Life is long if you know how to use it.

Incorrect: Don’t go in the sun.

Correct: Don’t go out in the sun.

Incorrect: I know him good.

Correct: I know him well.

Incorrect: They had no sooner arrived then they were arguing.

Correct: They had no sooner arrived than they were arguing.

Incorrect: He asked me that why I had not gone to the party.

Correct: He asked me why I had not gone to the party.

Incorrect: My sister’s all the books have been stolen.

Correct: All my sister’s books have been stolen.

Incorrect: On what you are here ?

Correct: What are you here for ?

Incorrect: Tell me why did you do that ?

Correct: Tell me why you did that.

Incorrect: I, you and he will do it together.

Correct: You, he and I will do it together.

Incorrect: Exercise is good both for work as well as health.

Correct: Exercise is good for work as well as health.

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