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Do vs Make! When to use DO and when to use MAKE in English: Do Collocations and Make Collocations.

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Do a mistake or make a mistake? Do exercise or make exercise? If you have trouble knowing how to choose between do and make in your English sentences, then this lesson is for you! In today’s English collocations lesson you will learn useful tips to help you know the differences between do and make for creating amazing English sentences. As you learn these do vs make tips, you will also learn many common collocations using do and collocations using make.

What is a collocation? A collocation is a set of words that go together naturally in English. If you change any of the words in the set, it will sound odd to native English speakers. That is why learning collocations is essential to improving your English fluency. This lesson includes many do collocations and make collocations along with several useful rules to help you remember when to use do and when to use make. Learning these collocations will help you to sound more natural when speaking English or writing English. In addition, using the do collocations and make collocations from this lesson will help you to get a higher band on IELTS.

When to use Do / Do Collocations:
Do is used for work, jobs, tasks, and repetitive actions, especially chores (do homework, do an assignment, do exercise, do the vacuuming, do the shopping).
Do is also used to replace more obvious verbs in a sentence ( do the dishes, do your makeup, do the laundry, do a puzzle, do your hair).
In addition, do is used for general non-specific things ( do something, do anything, do nothing, do everything).

When to use Make / Make Collocations:
Make is used for creating or forming something, especially food and drinks (make a cake, make a sandwich, make a mess, make money, make a list).
Make is also used when talking about a person’s reaction to something ( make someone laugh, make someone angry, make someone happy, make someone’s skin crawl).
In addition, make is used connected with communication ( make a phone call, make a promise, make a comment, make a confession, make a suggestion).
Furthermore, make is used with plans and progress (make plans, make progress, make a decision, make an effort, make a mistake).

Helpful Do vs Make timestamps:
0:00 Introduction to Do vs Make
0:41 Do Collocations
3:23 Make Collocations
6:35 Do vs Make Quiz
10:23 Summary of Do vs Make + Question of the Day

By the end of today’s English vocabulary lesson you will have learned the differences between do and make as well as many do expressions and make expressions in English that you can use to sound like a native English speaker. This lesson will to help you improve your English vocabulary and teach you useful English collocations with do and make. Thank you for watching, “Do vs Make! When to use DO and when to use MAKE in English: Do Collocations and Make Collocations.” I hope these do and make collocations will be useful for you as you improve your English speaking. Good luck with your English studies!

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