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20 Keep Collocations for English Fluency! The Most Common English Expressions with KEEP!

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KEEP calm and study English! I hope you can KEEP in mind all the collocations you’ll learn in this English lesson. KEEP track of your English progress and see your improvement! KEEP up all your good work with your English studies. In today’s JeN’s Jyugyou lesson you will learn 20 keep collocations that you can use to improve your English fluency and communicate easier in English.

What is a collocation? A collocation is a set of words that goes together naturally in English. If you change any of the words in the set, it will sound odd to native English speakers. That is why learning collocations is essential to improving your English fluency. This lesson includes more than 20 common English expressions using the word keep which are used in daily conversation. Learning these collocations will help you to sound more natural when speaking English or writing English.

The following 20 collocations with the word keep are included in this English lesson:
1. Keep calm
2. Keep in touch
3. Keep a secret
4. Keep something to yourself
5. Keep your place
6. Keep a promise
7. Keep quiet
8. Keep it down / Keep your voice down
9. Keep in mind
10. Keep your distance
11. Keep up the good work / Keep it up
12. Keep up
13. Keep up to date
14. Keep track of
15. Keep someone posted / Keep someone informed
16. Keep someone company
17. Keep a journal / Keep a diary
18. Keep the date free / Keep the day open
19. Keep score
20. Keep the change

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have learned more than 20 keep collocations that you can use to sound like a native English speaker. This lesson will to help you improve your English vocabulary and teach you useful English expressions for daily life. Thank you for watching, “20 Keep Collocations for English Fluency! The Most Common English Expressions with KEEP!” I hope these English collocations will be useful for you as you improve your English. Keep up all the good work with your English studies! I hope you can keep in mind all the English collocations from this lesson!

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