BLUE FOOTED BOOBY? real or fake?


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Hey guys, Bill here. I get a lot of really strange requests from you guys… like this kinda of stuff… that... even this…
But this one I got the other day, really is just too much. It comes from WilderDew11 and he wants to know if there is a bird named Blue Footed Boobie!
Ok, Wilder, I don’t know how old you are, but that sounds like a cartoon character to me. I don’t know how anything with a name like that could be remotely true… I mean to be honest it sounds like a BFF ( as in big fat fake) to me… but hey, just to make sure… I’m going to look into it for you.
I did some looking around on the internet… and believe it or not, there are lots of mentions of this crazy bird. They say it lives in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of south america and really has two feet that are blue…
But you know what? The more I looked into to, the more it seemed like a hoax gone wild… kind of like Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza which is just video game, but now people think it’s a real pizza place….
So, after going through tons of web pages that couldn’t really prove anything for me, I made a decision.
I decided there was only one way to really pin this one down - and that was for me, personally, to go to the Galapagos!
... and that my friends is how I came up with this, the official answer.
But before I can tell you what’s in here, I need to know what you are thinking right here.
Now, I don’t care what time it is, or where you are… what I want you to do is yell out as loud as you can, either real or fake! Now, if you can’t do that, because you’re in class or something, then it’s okay to pause the video, go to the comment section and leave your answer there. Then come back here and play the rest of the video… but I have to tell you it’s a lot more fun to yell and get some vocal exercise in, burn a few calories and who knows what else… ok you ready ? And go…
Ok, did you do it? Good because I’m going to open this is just a few seconds, but first let me tell you a little more about how I found the answer…
I got myself out to the Galapagos Islands which are really amazing… There are so many sea lions here, it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing them. I mean, you can’t even go to the Fish Market without seeing them.
I was told the Blue Footed Boobies are best found on an Island named Isabel… It was a great island with lots to see - but the only booby I found there was the boobytrap cafe…
Hi, I’m looking for blue footed boobies… etc.
(Jim and Marlene Hinkle”) TITLE
I took Jim’s advice and went to the beach, but the only thing I could see were these black Iguanas everywhere…
I found some really big turtles - lot of flamingos - even golden stingrays, … but no birds with blue feet.
I was ready give up but then I heard about this guy who runs snorkel trips to named Cariño.
BILL Yo tengo un amigo… yes there are blue footed boobies and this is the nesting area… we can see that ….
BILL: Ok, so there I was with a guy telling me we can see a nesting area for Blue Footed Boobies on a snorkel trip? Was I being duped yet one more time? Or was he telling the truth… Why don’t we find out…
And the answer is…. They’re real!
Cariño got the boat captain to steer very close to some rocks and there, with my own eyes, I got my first good look at a real life Blue Footed Booby!
As it turns out, Blue Footed Boobies can be found throughout this entire area but most of them live in the Galapagos… And their feet really are blue! They got their name from Spanish Sailors who encountered them in the mid 1500’s. The sailors called them BOBO which meant stupid. They thought they were stupid because when you get close to them, they don’t fly away…
It’s hard to say if that is really why they are called boobies today, but one thing I did find to be true is you can get really close to them….
Ok well that’s all the time I have for this video. I want to thank WiliderDew for getting me out for some fun filled research and all the people who helped me in the Galapagos.
Now to celebrate these amazing birds, I have something really special right here… custom made, all cotton, “I love boobies” t-shirts that are sure to get you a giggle everywhere you go.
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See you next time!

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