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I've put together the best riddles on logic out there for you to boost your brain power and your analytical skills! These riddles are quite easy, but surprisingly 95% of those who watched them fail to solve! Will you? Let me know in the comments how many of these tricky riddles you cracked on your own:

00:14 - Tricky riddle taken from real life! Is he cheating or not? Well, he is! But how did she figure it out? Would you get tricked if you were in her shoes? I'm sure you wouldn't and that's why you'll crack this picture puzzle and fun riddle without any effort!
01:24 - It's sounds to be an easy task to choose between what's right and what you want to do, but sometimes there can be too much at risk. If lives were at stake, would you do what would be fair and right or give up anything for your loved one? This heart-breaking riddle with answer will put you in the shoes of a person in charge who has to choose between an innocent person and his own child. What would you do if you were him?
03:00 - Vision Test! Or better say, logic puzzle! You'll need your good vision and you logic to figure out what's wrong in the picture! I changed a little detail every time, let's see if you can spot it!
04:53 - So one of these suspects is lying and lying hard! One of them took what does not belong to him or her! Who did it? This crime riddle for adults will warm-up your brain and jump-start your thinking process! To be honest, a very small percentage of people manage to crack these brain teaser games
06:53 - This short warming-up riddle will smoothly wake you up in the morning or chill your brain after a hard working day. Only a person with a great power of logical thinking can crack this short riddle the first time. I failed to find the answer and wasn't even close to it (neither were my friends), but if you rack your brain hard, I'm sure you will be the first one to solve it! Anyway, this is a riddle with answer, so you will know the secret soon!
08:15 - Find the hidden panda - Fun picture puzzles!
10:03 - Who did it? This tricky crime riddle will test your analytical skills! Look, the evidence that directly points to the killer is right there, left behind by the victim. All you need to do is to check the crime scene, spot all the details and process the information. This cool riddle won't trick those with perfect logic, but will be a big challenge for those who is used to operate on autopilot.
11:10 - This heart-breaking video is based on a true story and is usually suggested to students of psychology. It's a touching story about love and duty and how difficult it can be to make a choice. If you had to take only one option which would you choose? This hard riddle isn't an easy one at all, so take your time and do what your heart tells you!
12:24 - Who broke the law? Logic puzzle for the smartest and most attentive of us! This short riddle will test your brain and will test your attention.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS who broke the law in the last picture puzzle.

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