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8 Short Riddles And Picture Puzzles With Answers

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Here is a mix of short riddles and picture puzzles with answers to boost your critical thinking! If you can solve 8 out of 8, then no doubt you have a unique brain! Improve your logical skills to a new level by solving these tricky picture quizzes and riddles. It's a great way to boost brain activities for kids and adults as well.

00:14 - You should train every day if you want to keep your mind sharp, so it's time to exercise your brain now! Can you solve this set of picture puzzles without any hints? Concentrate and be very attentive as this is Level Impossible!
02:46 - A fun crime riddle that will train your eyes and logical thinking and check if you're ready to become a full-time detective! Can you find the thief among 6 suspects in the video? If so, you're definitely ready to run the police station
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