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12 Tricky Riddles: Mixed Set Of Picture Puzzles, Optical Illusions And Crime Riddles

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This mixed set of picture puzzles, crime riddles, and optical illusions will be a great workout for your brain! Let's see if you can crack these brain games easily. Solving tricky riddles at least for 20 minutes a day makes you smart and more attentive to the details. Spend your spare time productively and enjoy this set of cool funny puzzles! Can you answer all the questions correctly?

00:14 - A riddle on escape for brilliant minds only! You're trapped and can only count on yourself now. Which door should you choose to survive? Only one of the doors can lead you out safe and sound, and you have no second chance. Which one would you pass through?
01:49 - A fun picture puzzle where you will have to find all the puppies or at least weep at their loveliness
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