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5 Reasons He's Not Emotionally Invested In You (What Pushes Guys Away)

Watch this video to learn the surprising reasons men can't emotionally invest in you and what keeps men DISTANT in relationship (it's rarely about you!), and what you can do to open his heart and make him love you more.

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Why won't he emotionally invest in me? How I am pushing him away? Why won't he love me more? I get asked questions like these ALL THE TIME by clients, students and women in my life... so I created a video explaining the 5 most common reasons that men are unable to emotionally invest and some helpful strategies to help him get past these roadblocks and love you in the way you're worthy of.

0:00 Intro
0:54 Subscribe
1:32 Situation
2:47 - 1) He’s Not In An “Emotionally Available” Place In His Life
5:50 - 2) He Has Unresolved Emotional Trauma From Past Relationships
8:39 - 3) You Aren’t Speaking His Love Languages
10:14 - 4) You Have Conflicting Attachment Styles
13:05 - 5) He’s Just Not Your Person
15:13 - Recap of All 5 Reasons
17:56 - Closing Comments

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Mat is an experienced, intuitive coach for women craving personal empowerment and deep connection so they can experience freedom, joy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of their lives.

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