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20 Useful English Idioms That Native Speakers Use

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In today's video, we're going to learn 20 common English idioms that will help you sound like a native speaker.
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Time codes:
0:00 Let's learn some English idioms!
0:41 White elephant
1:03 White lie
1:45 White-collar
2:14 White-collar resort
2:39 Blue-collar
2:52 Out of the blue
3:50 Once in a blue moon
4:14 I have the blues
4:44 Blue blood
5:16 to paint the town red
6:04 Red tape
6:34 Roll out the red carpet
6:57 Red herring
7:28 Catch somebody red-handed
7:44 Silver spoon in one’s mouth
8:16 Golden opportunity
8:41 Golden parachute
9:39 Green with envy
9:58 Green light
10:14 Grey area
10:42 Black sheep

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