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18 Useful English Idioms That Native Speakers Use

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0:00 18 Useful English Idioms That Native Speakers Use
0:53 To break the ice
1:29 To look on the bright side
3:15 To be over the moon
3:26 To be like chalk and cheese
3:54 To cost an arm and a leg
4:13 To kill two birds with one stone
4:40 To give something a go
5:00 To be in the same boat
5:39 To get something off one's chest
6:19 To feel something in one's bones
6:35 To go the extra mile
6:51 To have an ace up your sleeve
7:24 To be sick and tired
7:49 To be down and out
8:04 To cut to the chase
8:24 A backseat driver
9:04 To be a rough diamond
9:32 To face the music

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