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18 Puzzles That Will Sharpen Your Mind In 5 Minutes

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Is mental fog clouding your thinking? Sounds like your brain could use some fine tuning, and puzzles are probably the best way to do that! Brain-teasers might seem hard at first, but the mind-sharpening benefits are worth all the effort! Solving puzzles helps improve our cognitive processes, strengthens the connections between brain cells, and improves memory. So do you wanna flex your logical and lateral thinking skills? Give the following riddles a try!
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1. A weird coat 0:33
2. The sailor and the cloth 1:01
3. Weightless enigma 1:39
4. What is it? 2:10
5. Jailhouse art 2:32
6. Empty-handed 3:20
7. Hidden treasure 3:51
8. Who's lying? 5:03
9. Which tank will get full first? 6:05
10. A security guard 6:42
11. No affirmative answer 7:12
12. A paradox 7:39
13. Transfer the water 8:08
14. How to get the animals across safely? 8:55
15. Why did HE die? 9:59
16. Which car? 10:53
17. A bird on a branch 11:40
18. Left or right hand? 12:12
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- What kind of coat can you put on only when it's wet?
- A sailor has a piece of fabric that’s 16 feet long. He cuts 2 feet of this fabric per day. How many days will it take him to cut the whole cloth?
- I have no weight, but you can see me. And if you put me in a water bottle, it’ll become a lot lighter! What am I?
- It lasts for a day and stands in the middle. It also has a name. What is it?
- A prison holds art class for prisoners every Monday. Guards escort participants to the class and search them at the end of each lesson. Today, however, these prisoners are going to hold on to their art supplies and keep them inside their cell. But the question is, which of them now has a chance to escape the prison?
- What can you fill if your hands are empty?
- When Martha got back, she took the map and almost immediately found the treasure. How so?
- Lisa immediately knew who took the money. Can you crack this puzzle in just 10 seconds?
- A faucet runs over 12 tanks. Some of them have one tube leading to another tank, while others have two. Can you figure out which of these tanks will fill up first?
- What does a security guard do when a bird sits on their head? Uh, probably shoos it away, right?
- What’s the question you will never ever answer "yes" to?
- What can be forever wound up but never gets annoyed?
- You have a plate full of water, an empty glass, a box of matches, and a cork. How can you transfer the water to the glass without touching the plate?
- How on Earth can he get all the animals across safely without leaving any of his sheep alone with the wolf?
- How did Hanna manage to survive if her husband died from poisoning?
- Seven cars are stuck in an intersection during rush hour. You have 10 seconds to figure out which car is preventing the others from going any further.
- A blue jay is perched peacefully on a tree branch. You need to cut this branch down. How can you do this without bothering the bird?
- According to the rules of etiquette, which hand should you use to stir sugar in your cup of tea?
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