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These riddles and logic puzzles will easily tease your brain and will test your IQ. If you manage to solve at least 6, then your IQ is above average! Let's find out:

00:14 - Murder riddle.
This mysterious murder riddle will make you sweat and rack your brain, because only ingenious minds can compare all the evidences and figure out who is lying. Actually, I haven't met a person who could crack this short riddle by themselves yet. Maybe you'll be the first one?
01:24 - Crime riddle.
Alright, not so friendly, but does involve friends! Right, nowadays you have to be careful with people around and should know whom you can trust! This crime riddle will require you to listen carefully to what the suspects are saying, then put on your glasses and check their hands! Yup, hands! The hint is right there. This murder puzzle is for the most attentive detectives out there.
03:08 - Mystery riddle to test your logic.
Get ready to be measured and tested! This awesome mystery riddle will test your logic to the absolute max. Actually, this tricky riddle will be an easy riddle for those who can think outside the box. There is nothing difficult, the password is right there in front of you, written in plain words, waiting for you to crack it. So call your Logic Base and get all the help you can. The Mission is waiting for you and there is no time for postponing it!
04:17 - Hard riddle - Murder riddle.
A thrilling murder riddle to make your blood freeze in your veins! Focus all your mind powers and turn on your logic, then you will probably find the answer. Even if you fail, it's not a problem, as this is a riddle with answers, so you can impress your friends later on anyway!
05:23 - Easy logic riddle to break your heads!
06:33 - Tricky riddle to test your logic.
Only genius minds will crack this tricky riddle! You will need all your logic and common sense to find the solution to this hard questions in time. If you guessed it on the first try, you must be a true genius and technical mind! In fact, no one among my friends has ever solve it the first time, will you do?
07:59 - FBI TEST - Hard riddles with answers.
This FBI test will prove whether you have the right mind to be a special agent. These quiz questions will test your photographic memory and ability to take in all the information at once! These hard riddles will seem easy, but once you try to solve them, you'll realize that it's not easy to be an agent
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