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Why The Munich Olympic Massacre Was Worse Than You Thought

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Few events have shocked the world as much as the massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. At an event designed to promote world peace and togetherness, a group of Palestinian terrorists called Black September invaded the Olympic compound and attacked the Israeli Olympic team.

Their stated goal was to take hostages and use them to force the release of Palestinian political prisoners. The result, though, was the torture and murder of 11 Israeli athletes, thanks in part to the incompetence and negligence of the West German authorities and the Munich police. What followed was decades of retribution and assassination. Here's why the Munich Olympic massacre was even worse than you thought.

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The Cheerful Games | 0:00
Situation 21 | 1:43
Black September | 3:01
September 5th, 1972 | 3:58
Two Dead and Nine Hostages | 5:20
Failing Negotiations | 6:30
The Ambush | 8:03
The Massacre | 9:36
Set Up for Failure | 11:13
They’re all gone | 12:18
The Aftermath | 13:22
Tipped off | 14:43

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