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Why is Silicon Valley in Silicon Valley

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Thousands of entrepreneurs come here every year to seek funding for their startups but can you imagine that 60 years ago there was no such thing as Silicon Valley and this culture did not exist. Today, we're going to talk about how this culture evolved here in Silicon Valley and start at Stanford University.

Disclaimer: I am not a historian and all the facts in this video are from open sources.

Videographer: Oleg Shevchyshyn (https://instagram.com/oleg_shevchyshyn)

This video is sponsored by Hachismart

Time codes:
0:00 What makes Stanford special
1:18 Disclaimer
1:26 If Stanford were a country
1:57 Who is known as “The Father of Silicon Valley”
3:16 Who was the first Stanford student
3:43 About Hachismart
6:45 Why Silicon Valley is in the USA
8:48 What is happening in the busiest cities of Silicon Valley
10:01 The place where the world money is managed
10:38 How the government supported Silicon Valley
12:06 How Iranian rugs are connected with global crises
13:06 Why we need to know venture investors and entrepreneurs
14:05 Who is considered one of the first venture capitalists
14:55 An important person in Silicon Valley
15:47 Why entrepreneurs become venture capitalists

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