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What Small Triangles Above Your Airplane Seats Mean

Many of us think flying is a great way to travel, but things can get dull if you wind up stuck on the tarmac waiting for takeoff. While you're sitting there wondering if it would’ve taken any longer just to drive, you might notice a little triangular sticker above your window. Only four windows on each plane are marked this way.
Usually red or black, the decals are just large enough to spot if you're looking for them but easy enough to miss if you aren't. But why are they there? Is it part of a conspiracy? Well, it turns out the answer isn’t quite so dramatic but interesting nonetheless. Especially if you're a plane lover!
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So what are those stickers ❓ 0:46
Hidden sleeping compartments 1:39
Loops on the wings ✈️ 3:35
Holes in the windows 5:07
The hidden handrail 6:33
A button to adjust your armrest ✋
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