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What Fans Don't Know About Billie Joe Armstrong

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You might love Green Day's music, but how much do you really know about frontman Billie Joe Armstrong? He's one of the most famous modern rock stars on the planet, but there's probably plenty about him that you'd be surprised to discover.

Billie Joe Armstrong was born to rock. He recorded his first single in 1977 when he was a mere five years old. James J. Fiatarone, the owner of a music shop and the label Fiat Records, spotted young Armstrong's talent and made his mother an offer: If Armstrong would record a few songs for his label, Fiatarone would give him and his siblings free music lessons. Mom agreed, and "Look for Love," a cheery ditty about finding positivity even in the darkest of times, was born. Fiatarone's wife recorded an interview with Armstrong to accompany the single release. When she asked him how long he'd been singing, he answered,

"For many years."

And when she asked him how he liked being a recording artist now, he joyfully replied that he loved it. In 2017, Armstrong shared on Instagram a photo of himself recording "Look for Love," along with a fun fact: 16 years after that formative moment, he returned to the same studio to record Green Day's 1994 album Dookie. Talk about coming full circle!

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Starting young | 0:00
Predicting his own future | 1:22
Gridiron backup plan | 2:36
The Great American Pastime | 3:53
Yeah, baby! | 4:50
The acting bug | 5:42
Lady and the punk | 6:48
Censoring for the kids | 8:04
Family band | 9:26
Who framed Billie Joe's tattoos | 10:25

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