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Weathermen Bloopers That We Can't Stop Watching

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Forecasting the weather is never a sure thing, and neither is live TV. Fortunately, many of the funniest mistakes involving weather reporting have been caught on tape and preserved for our benefit. Here are some weather anchor bloopers that we just can't stop watching.

In November 2020, Luke Bradnam pickup truck was stolen as he reported live on television.

Bradnam noticed three youths hopping into his truck, which went into reverse and backed right toward him. He yelled, quote, "Me car!" as he ran up to the vehicle.

Bradnam had, in fact, just spoken with the boys right before they stole the truck.

Thankfully, the teens were later caught and arrested.

Watch this video for more weathermen bloopers that we can't stop watching!

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Stolen, rescued, dead | 0:00
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