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Unbelievable Examples Proving the Power of Destiny


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Destiny is a hidden power that is believed to control future events, or in other words… Fate. There are numerous unbelievable examples that definitely prove the power of destiny!
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Be Amazed at these Unbelievable Examples Proving the Power of Destiny! Mistaken Identity - To his surprise, he found that he was logged into someone else’s account, a woman by the name of Celeste and someone he had never met before. Facebook friendship turned into something more and they got engaged in the summer of 2013 . Match made at Disney - Before their wedding day, a guy called Alex was going through some old photos. Reunited Couple - In 2005 Natalie and her gal pal went on a holiday to Goa to enjoy the sunshine. Whilst there, one of their favourite places to enjoy a beverage or two… or three… or maybe four, was a beach side club called Mambos ! Fridge the Cat - You may call it a sixth sense, an uncanny ability, or just plain mysterious, but cats have proven many times of their ‘special powers’. Thankfully for Wendy she was able to receive chemotherapy to have it removed successfully. We can certainly say that Fridge is the one to thank for this happy ending. It’s not uncommon for animals to detect and pick up on illnesses and ailments in humans. Itchy hand - This man was destined to win the lotto! And all thanks to an itchy hand! One morning he woke up to an itch in his palm.... seeing this as a bit of a sign he gave his son a couple of dollars to go and buy a scratch card. From that scratch card he got back seven pounds. From his winnings he decided to invest in a lotto ticket. In search of a Kidney - Ashley had no idea who Danny was when she heard from her mother he was searching for a kidney on a local radio show.

Twist of fate - In 1985 Dr Shannon saved the life of a premature baby. Given a 50/50 chance of survival, Chris was several weeks early and weighed just 3.2lbs. Under Dr Shannon’s care, Chris survived and was able to live a normal healthy life. Against All Odds - Brandi’s worst day was also the day she met her future husband. Preschool Sweethearts - Now, this love story sounds like it came right out of a teenage rom com! Matt and Laura’s friendship spanned many years, starting off as toddlers at preschool. Subway Romance - After finding out her future husband was having an affair ON HER WEDDING DAY, this bride to be ditched her event. Piece of Art - A writer on the site Piknu wrote of how her and her partner got together.
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