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These Are The Richest Rock Bands In The World

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Over the past seven decades, there have been thousands of rock bands that have hit the charts or had some modicum of commercial success. But only a few have reached the absolute top of the music industry, rewarded not just with worldwide fame, but also with unparalleled fortune.

From the Dave Matthews Band to U2 to Pink Floyd to Bon Jovi, these bands have all enjoyed long term success, selling millions of albums and headlining sold out concerts year after year. But just who is the richest? The Black Eyed Peas? Metallica? The Beatles? The Eagles? We've got the answer, because these are the richest rock bands in the world.

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The Dave Matthews Band | 0:00
The Eagles | 1:24
The Black Eyed Peas | 2:50
Bon Jovi | 4:00
U2 | 5:23
Coldplay | 6:38
Aerosmith | 7:49
Pink Floyd | 8:55
The Rolling Stones | 10:08
Metallica | 11:16
The Beatles | 12:40

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