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The Tragedy Of Bob Saget Just Gets Sadder And Sadder

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The world of comedy was deeply shocked when news broke of the sudden death of Bob Saget, who was found unresponsive in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida, on January 9, 2022, just hours after performing stand-up to a packed audience, according to AP News. He was 65. Saget was perhaps best-known as the lead character in "Full House," but Saget lived a rich life filled with charity, raunchy stand-up, and gratitude for the circumstances that led him to his success. However, those circumstances weren't all positive. This is why the tragedy of Bob Saget just gets sadder and sadder.

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A difficult childhood | 0:00
A burst appendix | 1:00
Comedy as survival | 1:49
Andi and Gay | 2:45
Fired from "The Morning Program" | 3:31
A painful divorce | 4:28
"Dirty Work" bombed | 5:26
More loss | 6:19
The death of Norm Macdonald | 7:14
Bob Saget, 1956-2022 | 8:13
Tributes pour in | 8:51

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