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The Monkees: The Untold Truth Of The TV Show

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Without a doubt, the Beatles was one of the biggest bands of the 1960s. As Beatlemania swept the world, the Fab Four capitalized on their popularity with the 1964 musical comedy A Hard Day’s Night. The film wasn’t just a financial and critical success — it opened the door to one of the most impactful TV series of the decade: The Monkees.
While it’s easy to brush off both the show and its band as a byproduct of the Beatles’ popularity, The Monkees was much more important to television and pop culture than you might think. This is The Monkees: the untold truth of the TV show.

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Made to order | 0:00
Band boot camp | 1:18
Copycats | 2:22
The pilot tanked | 3:09
Breaking new ground | 4:03
Music video pioneers | 5:19
Flipping the script | 6:18
The four stooges | 7:01
Too short | 7:49
Critical acclaim | 9:09
Scandal | 9:56
Cult classic | 10:45

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