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Skyline R32 and S Chassis Drift Cars Living in Japan - Hey Man Robbie's Review Eps.6

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Robbie met up with Jimmy and JT who live in Japan working at Power Vehicles near Ebisu.
00:00 Robbie Nishida is at Ebisu today to test drive and interview two foreigners who live in Japan to hone their drifting skills.
00:23 Skyline R32 around Ebisu for a drift session.
00:55 JT drifting his S chassis around Ebisu.
01:35 JT from New Zealand and Jimmy from Canada live in Japan to refine their drifting skills working as mechanics at Power Vehicles
2:40 Silvia Drift Car is an S13 with SR20, S14 turbo and GReddy oil cooler.
03:02 Silvia Drift Car suspension and diff set up
03:18 S14 Drift Car interior
03:48 S14 Drift Car Robbie Nishida's Drift Impression!
05:47 Working at Power Vehicles and living in Japan
07:37 JT has been drifting since 2001.
07:58 Foreigners travelling to Japan to learn drifting
08:36 Jimmy from Canada
09:27 Skyline GTST R32 Drift Car
11:18 Skyline GTST R32 drift car suspension set up
12:48 Skyline GTST R32 drift car Robbie's drift impression!
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