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Raccoon ATTACK!! We Have SURPRISE Visitors

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Raccoon Attack!

We Have Four Surprise Visitors in the rocks of our back deck! We went outside because Duncan our Puppy was barking a lot and found four baby Raccoons hiding in the rocks. There was no Mom Raccoon in sight. We decide to leave them for a few hours and see if they will leave. It was getting later and they still hadn't moved at all from where they were.

Jamie leaves to go to a soccer game so Steve decides to take the rest of the SOTY family to find the mom Raccoon. We are hoping to find the mom Raccoon and direct her to her babies so that she can take them and leave. It is dark outside and the SOTY family keeps hearing weird noises. Suddenly something moves in the dark and they all run away....did they find the Mom Raccoon?

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