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Pool party gone wrong! || 7-Second Riddles story

Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles https://goo.gl/BZSTVh and work out your brain with a set of awesome riddles! They will strain your brain and boost your logic! According to studies solving riddles is one of the fastest ways to improve your logical thinking. These puzzles and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! Try these brain teasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.

00:00 - Get your logic boosted with the first brainy puzzle!
Olivia and Emma are the most popular girls in school.
Guy: “Man, you girls are so cool!”
Guy: “Mia! What a girl...gotta get an invite to her party!”
Seems like everyone wants to be friends with Mia suddenly...
Guy: “I want that invite too!”
Olivia: “We gotta end this!”
Emma: “Let’s sneak into her party. And ruin it!”
Mia’s uncle is out of town. He let Mia stay in his villa. Party!
Mia: “It’ll be a killer party!”
Mean girl move! Olivia and Emma aren’t invited!
Olivia: “I’m not gonna beg for an invite!”
Emma: “So, let’s steal one!”
Who has an invitation?

02:01 - This tricky puzzle will test your IQ!
Emma: “Mia’s going down!”
Mia’s party is today. She decided to turn the CCTV off. Her uncle didn’t need to see...!
Mia: “I need the passcode.”
What’s the passcode?

02:40 - Boost your attentiveness to the details!
Everything was going perfectly...until Mia noticed some guy.
Mia: “Alex! Such a prankster! What’s he up to?”
What’s wrong here? Can you spot the prank here?

04:01 - Test your critical thinking!
Mia was upset because of the stupid pranks. But not for long...
A handsome guy: “That was epic! So funny!”
Mia: “It’s Noah! Ok, keep it together, he’s so hot right now...”
Some people were playing Truth Truth Lie. Mia wanted to play!
“My dad’s a flight attendant. He’s visited 345 countries! Once I broke both of my arms. I’ve never been kissed.”
What’s the lie?

06:53 - Another brain teaser to test your brain!
Olivia and Emma introduced a new guest to Mia...It’s the blogger Gwen_mAke_Up!”
Olivia: “She’s gonna give us a master-class!”
Mia: “Ok... girls. Thanks?”
Girl: “Wait, something’s wrong...”
What’s wrong here?

07:48 - The next short puzzle will boost your brain!
Boy: “Mia! Quick! Someone got attacked by the pool!”
Wounded guy: “I was just swimming...then I was attacked! Call 911!”
What happened? Who’s the attacker?

08:25 - This tricky puzzle will speed up your thinking!
Everyone chilled out and Mia calmed down...a bit.
Anonymous message: Wanna play?
Mia: “Well... yes.”
Anonymous message: Lots of dates, but no happy couples. What am I?

09:28 - The last brain-booster to sharpen your logic!
Noah: “So hey...wanna go out sometime?”
Noah: “Let’s make a selfie!”
This party’s over...better check the rooms for evidence! Did the guests forget anything?

But should Mia FORGIVE Olivia and Emma? Or get REVENGE? SHARE your OPINION in the COMMENTS!

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