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Matthew Cutts - Everything You Need to Know In 60 Seconds

Right. This Is Me. It's not really everything, but it's a start. ​
So I'm the guy who in his late 40's, decided to quit acting and dive headfirst into a complete Life/Career Change without checking the water. Bollocks.
For the next "however long it takes", I'll be here with my past mistakes, current missteps, and future successes as I tread the perilous waters of Career Change.
I'll be talking to Business Leaders, Recruitment & Employment Experts, Networking Gurus, Education Specialists, and to those who have managed to navigate the career change journey successfully. (Maybe even my parents). And I'll be sharing everything I learn along the way. And just to make things interesting, I'll be documenting, in real-time, the evolution of a Start-Up with global ambitions. Because as they say, "If you can't find your perfect job, create it."
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