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The psychological aspect of starting a business. Most people think that having a business is easy but it is not. In fact, entrepreneurs face a lot of problems that they need to deal with every day. This is the reality and that's why it is so important to love your problems.

Before starting a business you need to make sure you have energy for it. You need to be passionate about your idea. Don't overthink things because then you will stop acting.

Whenever thinking about starting a business, think of the problems that it might bring and then imagine that this is your daily routine. You need to ask yourself: "Am I ready to encounter these problems every day?" If the answer is "yes", then keep moving in that direction. You really need to love your problems.

Even if your business idea fails, it's okay. It's okay to suffer because suffer promotes change.

Watch your reaction to people criticizing you. There are two types of reaction: sometimes they hate you and you don't need to pay attention to those people but sometimes you're trying to hide from problems you're obviously have and you try to avoid them. People just point out at those problems. The best way to deal with this criticism is to take actions and change something.

Time codes:
0:00 Are you ready to start your own business?
0:27 Running a business is not as easy as it seems
1:07 The kind of mindset you need to have
3:18 How to deal with problems
4:46 The questions you need to ask yourself
5:16 How to cope with failures
6:17 Learn to accept criticism

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