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How to speak English FAST and understand natives | EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IN ONE VIDEO

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Start speaking English like a native in just 35 minutes!
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When native English speakers speak fast, the boundaries between words disappear and this gives the impression of talking fast. In reality, they are not talking faster than normal — it’s just that the sounds in their pronunciation flow together in the most smooth and efficient way.

With the help of this video, you'll learn all the speaking techniques that will help you understand native speakers and speak just like them.

Time codes:
0:00 Do native English speakers really speak fast?
1:03 Whudduhyuh do & ahmma do
2:04 Duh & yuh
2:36 Whutchuhyuh do & sumpthin
4:27 When “t” becomes a “d”
5:58 What is a textbook English?
7:01 Use reduced forms
8:27 Decide which accent you want to adopt
10:00 About my English workbook
11:09 Learn to ignore "fillers"
12:58 Use contractions
14:10 Pay attention to stress
14:51 Use slang
15:54 Learn idioms
16:56 Why you need to sound like a native
18:40 Cut off and shorten words
21:43 Understand hints and sarcasm
24:58 Connect sounds
25:38 "Yeah" and "no prob"
26:13 Why you don't understand native speakers
27:29 Avoid non-essential words
29:40 Link words together
30:42 Substitute one sound with another one
32:53 Singers do this all the time
34:13 What is intrusion and how it can help you speak fast
34:51 When two words become one
35:28 About “Learn to Speak English Like an American” intensive course

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