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Here's What Happened To The Bodies Of These Dictators

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Dictators spend their lives chasing absolute power — a complete and total hold over their subjects. So it’s little wonder that, even after death, that power over people would be hard to let go of. When a dictator dies, the response is two-fold: from their supporters, immense sadness; from their detractors, celebration. Either way, a dictator’s death keeps them at the forefront of conversation.

But what exactly happens to their bodies once they’ve headed into the great beyond? From being put on public display to having their corpse moved from one burial site to another, here’s what happened to the bodies of these dictators.

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Mussolini’s desecrated corpse | 0:00
Hitler feared Mussolini's fate | 1:17
Stalin’s body on display | 2:09
Franco’s body exhumed in 2019 | 3:09
Mao’s body in Tiananmen Square | 3:57
Is it Ceausescu’s body? | 4:30
Pol Pot: dead before trial | 5:34
Pinochet denied a state funeral | 6:24
Saddam’s body in secret location | 7:11
Gaddafi’s body in meat freezer | 7:52
Kim Jong Il’s famous look | 8:31
Robert Mugabe: burial dilemma | 9:18

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