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Hands-Down The Most Bizarre Alien Abduction Stories Of All Time

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Space might be the final frontier on television, but in real life we haven't found any documented proof of any alien settlers out on the space range. Still, that hasn't stopped hundreds (even thousands) of people from sharing their stories of close encounters of various kinds. While alien abduction stories tend to follow a familiar template, there are the occasional tales that take it much farther than some light memory loss and possible probing. From the cosmically talented musician to the still-classified government documents about a mysterious death in the desert, these are the most bizarre alien abduction stories of all time.

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Aliens invented chess | 0:00
Alien love child | 1:26
Just a pocket knife | 2:32
Interstellar love story | 3:42
Whitley Strieber | 4:39
Jesse Long | 5:37
Miguel Mendonca | 6:36
Hillary Porter | 7:36
UFO encounters of 1897 | 8:44
Hybrid children community | 9:57
The end is nigh | 11:09
Alien mother/alien baby | 12:24
Fiction or nonfiction? | 13:21
Downloading, please wait… | 14:39
Voluntary abduction? | 15:58
The Parker/Hickson abduction | 17:03
Hybrid mother | 18:21
A Clockwork Orange... in space | 19:15
Alien romance | 20:21
Guided by jazz | 21:26
The Lovette-Cunningham incident | 22:39
Use the force, Gerry! | 23:51

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