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GRAHAM STEPHAN: Income Streams, Content Hacks, Investment Portfolio, Reaction to PewDiePie's Video

Graham Stephan is a YouTube creator known for sharing personal finance, investing, and real estate tips. Undoubtedly, he inspires millions of people! In this video, you'll find out how Stephan creates his content, where he sees himself in 5 years, what his investment portfolio looks like and many more!

Graham Stephan’s Website: http://www.grahamstephan.com/
Graham Stephan’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/grahamstephan
Graham Stephan’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gpstephan/
Graham Stephan's main YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/grahamstephan
Graham Stephan's second YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/thegrahamstephanshow

Footage used in this video:
- Millionaire Reacts: Inside Kendall Jenner’s Cozy L.A. Hideaway | Architectural Digest: https://bit.ly/3igeHeX
- Millionaire Reacts: How One Teacher Spends Her $69,000 Salary | Glamour: https://bit.ly/3fCDuZ0
- My response to Pewdiepie: https://bit.ly/3igBg32
- How To Make Passive Income with $500: https://bit.ly/30E0jal
- Unboxing my new $20,000 watch: https://bit.ly/33BCbaj
- Why you SHOULDN'T rent a home: https://bit.ly/30E0KS1
- Unboxing The $10 Million Dollar Invite-Only Credit Card: The JP Morgan Reserve: https://bit.ly/33PNtbd

Videographer: Oleg Shevchyshyn (https://instagram.com/oleg_shevchyshyn)

Time codes:
0:00 Who Graham Stephan is
0:33 How much Graham makes a month on YouTube
1:54 Income streams that Graham has
2:34 Why he still works as a real estate agent
3:27 Who edits all Graham's videos
4:45 YouTube thumbnail hack
5:54 How much time Graham spends on his YouTube channels per day
7:29 PewDiePie reacted to one of Graham's videos
7:53 How Graham approaches is YouTube journey
8:55 Will we see Graham on other social media platforms
9:51 The secret of Graham's success
11:05 What Graham likes to do in spare time
11:21 The most expensive purchase
11:57 What Graham's investment portfolio look like
14:33 Investment strategy for those who have $1,000 to start
15:40 Is it a good time to buy a house
17:18 The best time of year to buy a house
17:58 Buying vs. renting
19:07 Who Graham's role models are
20:04 Why Graham doesn't buy his dream cars
21:34 Travel plans Graham has
22:42 Does Graham sees himself as an entrepreneur
23:21 Negativity and hate on YouTube
25:53 Graham's record month in terms of revenue
26:31 Financial goals
27:35 Where Graham sees himself in 5 years
28:43 Will he stay in LA
29:18 Advice for those who want to start a YouTube channel in 2020
32:20 What you should always keep in mind

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