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Freshwater Crocodiles Hunt Flying Foxes from Shallow Waters | Love Nature

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The waters originating from highland streams, journey through varied terrain, before flowing into the sea. Along the way, an assortment of environmental niches set the stage for multifaceted interactions between predators and their prey.

00:00 – Freshwater crocodiles lurk in forest rivers, pouncing on fruit bats collecting moister. Tiger Snakes and Water Monitors rule the isolated waterholes, navigating complex terrain and conquering prey with venom and claws. White Bellied Sea Eagles patrol the skies above the floodplains, while down below, Water Pythons squeeze the life from their victims. Within the estuaries, Archerfish use precision ballistics to dislodge prey, while Saltwater Crocodiles reign supreme with brute strength.

47:34 – Fringing this vast island continent, the Australian coastline is a magnet for marine assassins of all shapes and sizes. Though they vary in appearance and tactics, they share one common trait. They are all exceptional killers. From the overwhelming power and fierce jaws of the Great White Shark, to the lethal tentacles of the tiny Irakundji Jellyfish, to the host of toxic terrors in between. The pristine waters of the Australian coastline conceal sinister undercurrents.

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