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Everything You Need to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving | Allrecipes.com

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This is everything (and we mean everything) you need to plan the perfect Thanksgiving. We’ve compiled the best recipes, tips and tricks, and chef stories from food brands like Allrecipes, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living, EatingWell, Southern Living, Real Simple, and People. From the turkey to the sides to the desserts, these delicious recipes will leave your family and friends in a blissful food coma. We’ve even got leftovers covered, so the biggest food day of the year will turn into the biggest food week of the year. You don’t want to miss this.

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0:00 Introduction
0:17 The Golden Rules for Roasting a Turkey
9:08 Deep-Fried Turkey
16:52 Mayo Turkey
23:44 Herb-Roasted Turkey Thighs
28:06 Mexican-American Thanksgiving Traditions
31:43 Dry Brine
40:06 Best Brine for Your Thanksgiving Turkey
45:03 Turkey Cheesecloth Hack
47:05 How to Carve a Turkey Like a Pro
53:24 James Bond (Daniel Craig) Carves a Turkey
54:44 Easy & Delicious Holiday Ham
59:49 Giant Stuffed Pumpkin
1:01:53 Perfect Prime Rib
1:07:04 Thanksgiving Wine Pairings
1:10:12 Ultimate Friendsgiving
1:16:24 Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board
1:24:32 Kamayan
1:27:33 Simple Squash Casserole
1:30:46 Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes
1:33:11 No-Fail Signature Thanksgiving Stuffing
1:40:08 Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Sides
1:45:12 Friendsgiving in New York City with Junzi Kitchen
1:48:05 Brussel Sprouts Without Boiling
1:52:08 Gluten-Free Wild Rice Stuffing
1:56:06 Mom’s Homemade Latkes
2:00:17 Food For the Holidays
2:11:25 Thanksgiving Throwdown: Green Bean Casserole
2:21:47 Potato Side Dishes
2:30:21 Make-Ahead Creamy Mashed Potatoes
2:33:55 Thanksgiving in Louisville with Chef Akhtar Nawab
2:35:58 Perfect Pie Crust
2:40:27 No-Bake Pumpkin Pie
2:47:45 Food For Pie Lovers
2:58:46 Pumpkin Pie from Scratch
3:08:40 Thanksgiving Egg Roll vs. Quesadilla Recipes
3:19:21 Leftover Thanksgiving Nachos
3:26:13 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes Challenge
3:36:44 10 Ways to Eat Thanksgiving Leftovers
3:41:05 Friendsgiving in Los Angeles with Chef Manouschka Guerrier
3:44:13 Thanksgiving Meal for 4 Under $40

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Everything You Need to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving | Allrecipes.com
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