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Avoid repeating 'I want' I Use these 15 alternatives instead I English with LinguaTrip

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Speak English like a native speaker with these 15 alternatives to the phrase "I want."

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Time codes:
0:00 Do not use 'I want'
0:33 I feel like…
1:29 I am in the mood for…
2:00 I am craving…
2:57 I am dying for...
3:17 I’ll have…
3:44 I don’t mind…
I wouldn't mind
4:41 Desire
5:42 Covet
6:01 Hanker for
6:14 Hunger for
6:50 Itch for
7:23 Jones for
7:40 Long for
8:00 Lust after
8:36 Pine for

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